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Race History

A swim between the Henley and Grange Jetties has been a feature of Australia Day celebrations in South Australia for over 90 years.  The tradition began in 1917 when the Henley and Grange Swimming Club held the first swim.

Masters swimmers began competing in 1983 as a separate group of swimmers.  Interest from masters' swimmers has grown and remains high.

2002 saw the first Masters Swimming (SA Branch) Jetty to Jetty Australia Day Long Swim for swimmers over the age of 18 years.  The SA Branch undertook this swim to maintain the tradition of a long swim between the jetties on Australia Day.  Such a swim has very strong support from Masters swimmers and the SA Branch hopes that the event will grow in stature in coming years to rival some of the open water long swims in other states.  In 2004 the age limit was dropped to 13 years due to interest from younger swimmers and the absence of any alternative events for "budding" young distance swimmers. As of 2014 the event has been limited to swimmers 18 and over.

We look forward to partnering with Swimming SA to continue the tradition in 2018 with swimmers 11 years and over participating!

We would like to thank Masters members for their strong support and commitment to this event and wish all competitors a safe and enjoyable swim.

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